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All ride on rollers at Savage Plant Hire come with anti-roll bars, pressurised water sprinkler systems, vibrating double drums and are all live link enabled. They are designed to compact soil, gravel, concrete, hardcore and tarmac. Rollers can also be used on yards, car parks, highways and motorways, cricket pitches and even airports.

Our Dynapac CC800 rollers are double drum ride on asphalt rollers with drum widths of 800mm, primarily used for small scale compaction work such as pavements, cycling paths, small roads and parking areas.

With the Dynapac CC1200 rollers you achieve high quality surface finishes through operational features such as soft starting and stopping to prevent unevenness or cracking in the asphalt layers and excellent accessibility and hill-climbing capacities. They have a drum with of 1200mm, driving lights, low noise diesel engine and are operator friendly.

All machines are regularly upgraded with no machine being older than three years.

Dynapac cc80 rollers
Dynapac cc1200 rollers