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/Small Tools

Mecalac single drum rollers are perfect for the compaction of asphalt materials, such as highway repair, footpaths, cycle lanes and playgrounds. The design of these pedestrian rollers makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. A hydraulic breaker can be used in conjunction with these pedestrian rollers.

Power packs are light and compact, two people can lift and carry the power packs with ease, ideal for compact spaces and small projects.

Wacker’s are designed for compacting areas of granular soil, sub base and asphalt. Wacker plates are ideal for driveways, gutters, car parks, columns, footings, building construction and more. They are also useful in confined areas where a larger roller may not be able reach. Reversible plate compactors have the ability to operate going both forward and in reverse.
They can penetrate much deeper into the soil. The forward/reverse plate is powered by a heavy-duty diesel engine.

Floor saws are ideal for cutting concrete and asphalt. All Wacker Neuson BFS floor saw models are up to 20 percent faster than comparable devices.

The Atlas Copco Portable Compressor can be used to drive pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, nut runners, grinders and rammers. High free air delivery applications such as sandblasting, are also covered. They are all road towable.

Wacker Neuson’s 4 stroke rammers are designed for high performance and long life. They achieve excellent compaction results. Trench rammers are ideal for the compaction of cohesive and mixed soils in trenches and other confined areas.

MECALAC MBR-71  Single drum roller
ATLAS COPCO  LP9-20P  Power pack
ATLAS COPCO  XAS68  Two tool compressor
WACKER  VP1135/VP1340  Compaction plate                                                             
WACKER DPU 2540H  16 Inch forward/reverse compaction plate                      
WACKER  BS50-4  Trench rammer                                                                                   
WACKER  BFS 1345A  Floor saw                                                                                    

(Various sized diamond blades available on request)